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Workshop cabinets

Workshop cabinets are the basic equipment of every production plant and workshop. They can be used by companies as well as private clients in their own workshops. They are an indispensable element of equipment for assembly and repair stations. Thanks to them, you can easily plan space and take care of order.

The workshop cabinets can store tools, simple devices and items needed in the workplace. Theey are made from steel sheet, which is covered with an anti-corrosive varnish coating, thanks to which the product maintains a long service life. The construction is very stable thanks to the welding method. The quality of workmanship is at a high level. Each wardrobe is equipped with a lock and a set of 2 keys, which guarantees safe storage. In addition, you can buy a Master key that allows you to open all locks in a given series. The cabinets are characterized by high load capacity, thanks to their solid construction. This allows you to store many tools and items.

We offer various configurations of this type of cabinets. Depending on the needs, customers can choose a cabinet with fixed shelves, pull-out shelves or a cabinet with drawers. Drawers can have different sizes. The colors of the wardrobes are free to choose. Cabinets are powder coated according to the colors expected by the customer. Workshop cabinets are mounted on regulators, which allows leveling. Customers can also count on the valuation of custom solutions, according to their own needs.

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