Why should you choose PROMAG as your partner?

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Here you can find some of our most recent implementations in warehouses.
Functional, durable, designed according to standards, safe for people using them and what is also important very aesthetic.
Personal cabinets are used to store items of various sizes, such as clothing, books, tools, and electronic equipment. They are used in the cloakrooms of schools, kindergartens, universities, libraries but also in swimming pools, gyms and other public facilities. They can contain a very diverse number of lockers depending on their purpose.  
PROMAG S.A. is not only the leader of the intralogistic market in Poland. PROMAG has also been a producer of high-quality metal furniture for 20 years. Our furniture is a product that not only gained positive feedback from hundreds of our customers, making them decide to buy PROMAG metal furniture again with their next purchases but also has been recognized by the Hipolit Cegielski Foundation, receiving the titleof "The Best Furniture in Poland".
Workshop cabinets are the basic equipment of every production plant and workshop. They can be used by companies as well as private clients in their private workshop.
Locker cabinets from Promag offer can be found in workplaces, schools as well as swimming pools and sport centers equipped with cloakrooms.


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