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Workshop trolley – main features

Functional, durable, designed according to standards, safe for people using them and what is also important very aesthetic. These are features of the products that can be found in our offer. 

Workshop trolley - equipment that do its job well in both workshops and service points, warehouses and places of similar purpose.
We can offer several types of this type of equipment depending on the customer's needs or the technical conditions of the rooms in which the workshop trolleys will be used .

The workshop trolleys are irreplacable at professional workshop points or warehouses. Trolleys available with dimensions 1030 by 840 by 530 mm have a load capacity of the entire structure equal to 200 kg, and a load capacity of the top about 100 kg. The standard equipment of the expert trolleys includes a steel sheet body, MDF table top, or four Blickle wheels (fixed and swivel with brake). In order to ensure full safety during use as well as safe storage of tools in the trolleys are equipped with protection against falling out of drawers; central locking and cylinder lock. On the other hand, when choosing the version with additional equipment our customers will receive trolleys with additional containers, towel holders, as well as boxes. Thanks to the specialized process of painting its coating has anti-corrosive properties.

Another group of workshop trolleys are products slightly smaller in size compared to the above-mentioned classic line trolleys. Standard equipment of this series of trolleys is a high-class steel sheet body, chipboard top (covered with grooved rubber) and a practical metal handle. Trolleys in this category are available in specific colors, however, at the request of customers they can be covered with other types of colors (from the available color palette). Of course you can also order additional equipment here. It may consist of a special superstructure, various tops, vices or shock-absorbing liners for drawers.

Another trolleys group are focused on high load capacity of the structure (up to 300 kg). The advantages of this series include practical Blickle wheels (in various configurations), drawers with telescopic guides (drawer extension up to 90%) - centrally closed lock (Master cylinder lock), various under-counter modules or a functional metal handle. It should also be remembered in this case that the carts undergo special processes before being painted, thanks to which mechanical and anti-corrosive properties of the paint coating are at a very high level.

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