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Why we reccomend personal cabinets for schools?

Why we reccomend personal cabinets for schools?

Locker cabinets are used to store items of various sizes, such as clothing, books, tools, and electronic equipment. They are used in the cloakrooms of schools, kindergartens, universities, libraries but also in swimming pools, gyms and other public facilities. They can contain a very diverse number of lockers depending on their purpose.

The selection of a locker should depend on​:

  • features of the room
  • available space in the room
  • users needs

When buying a cabinet we recommend you to be guided by:

  • materials quality
  • practical and aesthetic factors

Standard equipment of a SKS school cabinet:

  • reinforced door and hinges
  • 100mm high angled roof for easy cleanliness
  • Ventilation holes allowing free circulation of air inside each chamber
  • Double metal clothes hook in every compartment
  • Cylinder lock in the Master System with 2 standard keys
  • level regulators

We also offer:

  • Models with a bench or on legs
  • other types of locks and ventilation holes
  • additional accesories: superstructures, benches etc.

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