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Locker-room cabinets


Locker cabinets from Promag offer can be found in workplaces, schools as well as swimming pools and sport centers equipped with cloakrooms. These cabinets can be distinguished into clothing, school and personal cabinets. Locker-room cabinets come in various configurations of the size and number of partitions and the equipment itself. SUP 300 models do not have partitions in the chambers, while SUP 400 cabinets have an additional partition dividing the chamber into two equal parts for clean and dirty clothes.

The Promag company's offer also includes L-type cabinets in which as the name suggests the chambers are L-shaped. Lockers are made of 0.6 and 0.8 mm thick metal sheet. Among the lockers we also find models dedicated to schools - SUS and SKS models, which have an additional shelf. The SKS model, on the other hand, has smaller compartments that allow the placement of lockers for more students in a smaller space. School and personal cabinets that are equipped with smaller compartments are dedicated to storing smaller items such as telephones, wallets or parts of OHS equipment. All locker cabinets are powder coated.

A wide range of RAL colors allows to make locker rooms in accordance with the customer's concept. Thanks to a modern production line Promag is able to shorten delivery times even for large volume orders.

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